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Jim-kun's Journal

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Hi, I'm Jim. I'm a open, friendly, talkative guy. Meeting new friends and chatting with friends are the main reasons I get online. I love meeting new people, and talking about just about anything, so drop me a line if you want. I don't have a GF or anything like that as of now.

I'm a pretty big music fan. Some people say "music is my life," but I think that's further than I would go. I love music, but it is not my life. Anyway, I play acoustic guitar myself, mostly classical. I listen to classical music(Vivaldi/Bach) and progressive metal(Symphony X/Kamelot), but I also listen to other stuff, like: traditional oriental music, Kitaro, J/pop&j/rock, rock in general.

I also love anime, paintball, fantasy novels (especially Ice and Fire), and science. I write a little, but nothing is finished yet. My only work so far is titled "The Gift: A Song of Elves."

I've taken to putting a word at the end of all my entries, and putting the definition down. Just thought I'd mention that here in case someone didn't know.

I use Trillian so I'm on AIM, MSN and Yahoo pretty much whenever I'm online.